Before-after care

Permanent hair removal

Wood Therapy is particularly helpful at breaking down cellulite and fat deposits in preparation for other sculpting treatments but is also beneficial as a stand-alone treatment. Know the before and after care here.

Before care

-    Do not eat for at least 2 hours before your treatment.  
-    Start drinking water, lots and lots of water.
-    Make sure to ask a physician if this treatment is compatible with any medical conditions you might have.


After care

-    Combined with a healthy lifestyle you can experience a permanent change in your body shape.  
-    To boost your metabolism and to receive the benefits of body sculpting therapies make sure to drink lots of water- to flush out toxins.
-    Eat lighter - healthier lifestyle will allow for less inflammation in your cells and for more permanent results.  
-    Continue a regular and consistent treatment for faster and longer-lasting results.