Ultrasound Therapy

Permanent hair removal

Shape your body with non-invasive ultrasound energy and destroy fat cells in your body. Ultrasound is a non-surgical procedure. It means this procedure has no anesthetics and no incisions. Ultrasound therapy apports skin rejuvenation, cells renewal, skin tightening, and eye bags treatment.

Ultrasound benefits   

Unlike liposuction and other non-invasive procedures, ultrasound doesn’t use heat or freeze, making it a painless treatment. You won’t have any signs after treatment. You can move on easily in your daily life tasks.   

Ultrasound therapy destroys fat cells. If you’re struggling with exercise and diets to eliminate extra fat, ultrasound will handle this.   

Besides, ultrasound can give you a lot of positive changes in your body:    

  • Stimulates blood circulation   

  • Aids in lymphatic drainage   

  • Can exfoliate away dead skin cells   

  • Increases cell metabolism   

  • Cleanses away toxins   

  • Tightens and tones     

  • Refines large pores   

  • Improves upon skin texture and tone   

Ultrasound applied area:  

  • Arms 

  • Back  

  • Love Handles  

  • Abdomen  

  • Hips  

  • Thighs