Electrolysis Contraindications

Permanent hair removal

The following are medical conditions of concern (contraindications) for the electrologist: Accutane or Retin A/Renova Users

  • Accutane: only if you are off of medication for 1 year to avoid any scarring
  • Retin A/Renova:only if you stop applying it 2 days before your session and stay off 2 days after your session, if you are having treatment in that area
  • Absolute Contra-Indications – Requires a Doctor’s Note
    Diabetes, Heart Condition, Hemophilia, Pacemaker, Seizures, Transplant , Surgery
  • Relative Contra-Indications – Patients MAY be treated, provided their condition is under control with a medical professional’s supervision
    Carcinoma, Coagulation Problems, Fainting, Hepatitis, Herpes I & II, Hodgkin’s Disease, Hysterectomy, Keloids, Tumors
Gentle Touch CT does NOT provide Electrolysis Permanent Hair Removal Services for the male, genital area.
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