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Published on January 04, 2022 By Gentle Touch

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We are starting a new year but do you have the same goals? After the holidays and the start of a new season, the rush to get a healthy figure starts. In this case, hurry is not good, and following the process will be essential to achieve your goal of getting in shape. The key is not wanting everything in one day and having a little patience. 


To stay in shape and increase your physical and mental well-being, you do not need exhausting workouts, join a gym, or follow strict diets that are demotivating and practically impossible to follow. 


The key is balancing your daily physical activity with an adequate diet to stay in shape almost effortlessly, obtain positive health results, and even lose weight. 

Why is it essential to stay in shape? 


We must stay in shape for many reasons. Here we share 3 reasons for you to consider them: 


1. Because your immune system will be strengthened. Maintaining a proper diet and physical activity will increase your endorphins, the hormones of happiness. 

2. For having better self-esteem. When we are in better shape, and with a better figure, we can feel better about ourselves. 

3. We need to maintain a routine and normality despite the circumstances on a mental and psychological level. Having organized meals, keeping routines from Monday to Friday, and establishing a daily training hour helps us to be more positive. 


Tips to get a better shape 


Here we share some tips to consider getting the shape you have always dreamed of.  


  • Know yourself 

Before starting to exercise, you should know the pros and cons of your own body. Some diseases limit the performance of specific activities, so passing a sports medical examination could be an excellent option. 


  • Stay active. 

A sedentary lifestyle only brings inconveniences for our bodies. It is possible that you can practice exercise at home or play a sport. Don't forget that your heart is also a muscle, and it needs to be moved to be healthy. It is the same situation with the rest of the muscles in your body. When you exercise, this helps you to be stronger, reduce stress, and prevent illness.  


  • Look for adaptations at the muscular, metabolic, and respiratory-thistle levels. 

If you have been inactive for a while, you have to start from the beginning. You must be clear about it. The objective in this first 4-week period of General Physical Conditioning is for your body to seek adaptations at an organic and physiological level due to the practice of physical exercise. The improvements in all the organ systems occur immediately with a good training plan following a logical progression. 


  • Reduce food intake 


Find the rhythm of meals that suits you best. Eating a generous breakfast avoids overindulging for the rest of the day. It is appropriate to eat three meals (two light and one more complete), in addition to using two or three intermediate and moderate snacks. 


Control the consumption of fats, oils, and alcohol, which are very energetic and prudent. Consume carbohydrates wisely, particularly those that contain fiber. 


Use a guideline for food in satisfactory servings. Compensate for excesses with cleansing days of vegetables - yogurts (3) and fruits (3). Perhaps the use of small plates helps to have the sensation of eating more. 


Take five servings of fruits (3) and vegetables (2) daily. This helps control weight and is highly healthy. 


Enjoy business lunches or celebrations. Get organized in advance to allow yourself some excess. In these cases, remember your plans and decisions, choose the dishes carefully and drink "light" drinks or tomato juice. Compensate the next day with cleansing vegetables, fruits, and yogurts. 


Analyze the causes that lead you to eat between meals and try to find a solution or seek the support of a professional. 



  • Nothing happens if one day we relapse 


We are not always able to complete our projects as we would like. It can happen that after weeks of effort and fatigue, we fall into temptation and do not respect the rules. This situation does not mean that we have failed and that all our efforts have been in vain. We recognize our weaknesses and take the opportunity to reflect on ourselves and improve ourselves. Life goes on! 


  • Hydrate yourself 


If in our day-to-day drinking water regularly is essential, doing sports is even more so. When we exercise, our body dehydrates itself, losing many mineral salts. If the physical activity you do is of mild intensity or short duration, the best option to rehydrate is water due to its incredible speed of absorption. On the other hand, if the activity is of greater intensity or duration, the consumption of isotonic drinks is recommended. 


  • Consult a nutritionist 


The first thing about getting in shape is consulting a nutrition professional. Each body and each person are different. Not all diets or all routines work the same in all organisms. That is why the help of a professional who guarantees personalized advice is so important. This is undoubtedly the key step to achieve greater efficiency when losing weight or toning the figure. 


  • Record your progress 


One of the main problems when we want to get in shape for the first time, is that we are not constant. During the first few weeks, the results may take time to appear, and this can cause us to lose motivation and lose interest. However, it is best to write everything down to realize all the changes and improvements that you get with training. 


Grab a notebook and a pen and write down your current weight, body measurements, the weight you lift with the weights, and how much you can handle cardio. All these indicators will help you see how you are improving and how physical exercise begins to take its toll on your body. 


  • Visit a beauty center. 


It is important that you can complement exercise and diet with the advice of professionals who can help you achieve the figure you want. There are many ways to achieve a better figure through cosmetic treatments. There are options such as Wood Therapy that allow you to shape your figure in the best way and achieve the results you need. 



Do you want professional help? 


No matter the body shape you have now, at Gentle Touch we can provide you the information you need to start the proper treatment to achieve the results you want. Professional help is fundamental to get a faster and better improvement in your body figure.  

If you have questions about our services, do not hesitate to contact the Gentle Touch Team to get a FREE CONSULTATION. Please call (860) 216-6225 to schedule your appointment or email     


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