Tips for facial care after the 30s

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As we age, our skin loses firmness. A healthy lifestyle is essential to slow this process, but you can do more. There are other tricks to keep your skin looking flawless for longer.


As we get older, the skin loses its elasticity and firmness. A balanced diet and healthy lifestyle habits can help delay cellular aging.


But taking care of your skin as it deserves is also essential to keep it looking younger. The dermis has specific needs at each stage of our lives that should not be overlooked.


What you should do regardless of your age


Our complexion changes over time, and there are suitable treatments for every age. But, regardless of the years, it is essential not to forget:


Maintain proper daily hygiene. Removing makeup and cleansing our faces every day is essential. As well as weekly exfoliation, which removes dead cells and activates cell renewal.


  • Moisturize the skin inside. Water is necessary if we want to have a luminous face. Don't forget to drink water enough all the time.


  • Use sun protection. The sun ages. Using sunscreen protection is a vital point that you must always keep in mind. At least use an SFP 30.


  • Fight stress. It harms you because it causes hormonal fluctuations that attack the stability and defenses of the epidermis.


  • Get enough sleep. Your skin works when you sleep, so rest is essential for it to self-repair from daytime aggressions. Sleep at least 7 hours.


At 35 it is necessary to take a lot of self-care


At this age, skin microcirculation worsens, and if you ignore it, the skin becomes duller. The first signs of fatigue may also appear, such as bags and dark circles under the eyes and the first expression lines around the eyes and mouth.


  • Protect yourself from aggression. In the morning, you need a complete moisturizer with sun protection and active antioxidant ingredients such as vitamin E and green tea, which stop the attack of free radicals caused by pollution, radiation, and stress.


  • Pamper the eye contour. Choose a light texture and apply it with a gentle massage from the temple to the tear trough to activate circulation and decongest puffiness.


  • Follow an exfoliation routine. This step is fundamental because you have to remove all of the dead cells on your face. Of course, you don't see them, but they accumulate on your face if you don't remove them. Do it twice a week if you have thick skin or once a fortnight if it is fragile.


  • Moisturize your body daily. At this age, the skin begins to show signs of dryness. It is a great idea to use an excellent moisturizer when you complete your shower routine.


Did you know that after the age of 30, the skin begins to lose its radiance and smoothness? Facial skin becomes less elastic and more prone to wrinkles, its texture becomes rougher, drier and the first expression lines appear.


This is due to a decrease in the production of hyaluronic acid naturally present in our body, which retains large amounts of water. Because of its moisturizing properties, many creams contain it, and it is thanks to this property, it is an excellent skin constituent.


As hyaluronic acid decreases over time, the skin loses elasticity, volume, and firmness, becoming drier and leading to the first signs of aging. Therefore, using hyaluronic acid in a localized, topical form for skincare is necessary. This serves to restore lost luminosity and keep the complexion younger for longer. In addition, it collaborates in the regeneration of collagen, which allows the skin to be more elastic.


Up to 45 gain firmness


From 40 to 45, the signs of the passage of time can become evident if nothing is done to combat them. Pores become more visible, dark spots appear, and expression lines become small wrinkles. You can combat this if you follow the following tips:


  • You lighten the spots: To attenuate the hyperpigmentations that appear due to hormonal changes and excess sun, apply a daily depigmenting cream that includes sunscreen.


  • Fill wrinkles: Every night, use an eye contour and face cream that includes retinol, peptides, and hyaluronic acid. These active ingredients stimulate cell renewal and the formation of collagen and elastin to fill wrinkles from the inside.


  • Seasonal products: Choosing your products according to the season will help prevent weather discomfort from taking a toll on your skin. In inclement weather, switch your body lotion to a nourishing and intense moisturizer that will moisturize extra dry skin caused by cold weather and lack of moisture in the air.


Signs of skin aging


The skin loses its capacity to retain water and consequently becomes dehydrated. It becomes thinner, and the first expression lines appear. The face loses luminosity and brightness. As collagen and elastin levels decrease, the skin becomes less elastic.


What care does your skin need at the age of 30?


  • Cleansing: First of all, it is essential always to keep your skin clean, not only when you use makeup. Facial cleansing is necessary to oxygenate the pores and promote cell renewal. Don't forget that hydrated skin always starts with a proper cleansing routine.


  • Moisturizing: using a moisturizer with hyaluronic acid will help you recover some of the lost hydration and help you retain more water in the skin, preventing dehydration.


  • Nutrition: giving the best care and nutrients to our skin from 30 is essential.


At Gentle Touch, we always carry out a diagnosis to help identify what should be done. Depending on the need, we can apply different techniques for your skincare.


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