The importance of physical and emotional balance

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We usually are our worst judges. We all have mental references for all aspects of our lives. It is a reality that society tells patterns to us in every way. Behavior patterns. Aesthetic patterns. Physical patterns, etc. Those references govern us, and we constantly try to fit into those marked rules. This inevitably leads us to have to compare ourselves with others. For these reasons, tt is essential to have good physical self-esteem. 


Each person is a world, as well in their physique and their mind. We should avoid paying attention to the trap of comparing ourselves to others. We tend to be demanding with ourselves, and we can hate what we are. 


We have talked about the lack of self-esteem in general. But we would like this article to focus on the importance of balancing the physical and the emotional since that lack of physical self-esteem has an equal impact on the mental and emotional plane. 


People whose physical self-esteem is low or very low come to avoid looking in a mirror or taking pictures. The current beauty canons and the erroneous perception about ourselves make us fall into the rejection of our physique and, consequently, to everything we are. 


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Why is it sometimes difficult to accept physical appearance? 



How many times have you thought that you would change any part of your body if you could? Accepting our body is part of good self-esteem, something essential for good mental health. 


Are you 100% happy with your body? Your answer is likely to be negative. And it is estimated that a third of women and a quarter of men have "body dissatisfaction." 


That means that many people are not comfortable with their appearance. It is logical that it happens, considering that we live in a society in which great importance is given to the physical. 


But it is time to relearn to love your body as it is, to reconcile with it to feel full and happy. Think that negativity blocks and, guided by it, it will be challenging for you to bring about changes. 


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You have to understand what your body is like 


Each one has a unique physique. One body will never be the same as another. That is why you must accept your body as it is and accept its individuality and strangeness. 


With this to say that our physique is not an unalterable entity, but that we can improve what we do not like. For example, dieting, gaining muscle, etc. But it must always be associated with our actual characteristics, not with ideas far from reality and the physical capacity of each one. 


We must be aware of our physical uniqueness and respect the body as it deserves. We have to get used to healthy habits since, in this way, we can achieve the physical well-being that we must achieve. 


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Assess ourselves comprehensively 


We are not just bodies with a shape. We have bodies that function, minds that learn, think, feel, communicate, and create. 


Depending on where we pay attention and how we value these different aspects that we believe characterize us, it is reflected in how we feel and appreciate. 


Given the impact that the concepts and ideas we have about us have on our self-esteem, the most practical and beneficial thing is to consciously choose the thoughts we promote. 


Let's feed the images and ideas that make us feel good, give us satisfaction and joy that reconcile us with ourselves. In this way, we can have a good impression of ourselves. 


What is it for you to look good? 



The media constantly bombards us with perfect bodies. If you fall into the trap of comparing yourself to them, it's easy for your self-esteem to suffer. The canon of beauty that society has imposed on us does not correspond to reality or, rather, to realities. Because there are many very different realities, each body is a world, and they are all valid. There is not (or should not be) a formula that defines a beautiful body. However, it is essential to try to have a healthy body. 


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How is body image formed and developed? 


  • For the comments that other people make us. Explicit or implicit messages or comments that we have been receiving throughout our personal history from relatives, friends, acquaintances about our body  


  • Because of what we tell ourselves. This point means our internal dialogue.  


  • Through the social funnel. This point is related to what is socially considered desirable concerning appearance. Everything that is urgent in social networks, television, social circle. Today, social pressure is a considerable drawback for an actual and healthy body image.  


In this way, we can have two different perceptions:  


  • Positive body image: The person has a clear and accurate perception of her body. The person can value and appreciate her body, being aware that it is only a part of her whole as a person and that other aspects, such as personality, have a more critical value when defining her identity. The person feels safe and comfortable inside her own body.  


  • Negative body image: The person has a distorted perception of her body, seeing it as different from how it is. And it is that since body image is a subjective and never objective representation, there may be specific physical characteristics in which the person zooms and focuses much more disproportionately or distorted than other characteristics.  


Due to this, we must strengthen our self-esteem to have a better self-perception. If you want to increase your self-esteem through aesthetic treatments at Gentle Touch, we are your best option in Bloomfield, Connecticut. Remember that your appearance does not define who you are, but it is healthy to take care of your body and feel comfortable with how you look. 


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