Skin-icing: the grandmother's skin care hack that is trending again thanks to Irina Shayk

Published on November 05, 2021 By Gentle Touch | Last updated on April 02, 2022

Skin-icing Gentle Touch CT

In fashion, there is a very popular phrase: everything returns but in a better way and renewed. We'd love to say the same about this beauty trend that was brought back by Irina Shayk and that is causing a sensation on Tik Tok and Instagram. It really does not differ much from the traditional advice our mothers and grandmothers used to give us to take care of the face skin in the cheapest way possible.


We begin to identify a certain trend, in which, with more and more frequency, names (mostly anglicisms) are given to lifelong beauty tricks. It seemed like a novelty and we went crazy seeing reproductions on top of all social networks when actually, this skincare tip is older than ourselves. Something like this happened when we saw Irina Shayk sharing her beauty tips on her Instagram profile. In a video of just one minute, the model presented her daily routine's beauty tips. Among the steps to follow to have great and healthy skin, the Russian rubs, before any cream, an ice cube all over her face.


Skin - icing method



What is now trending on Tik Tok and Instagram, called skin-icing, is just a popular lifetime hack based on applying cold to the skin to close pores, stimulate blood circulation, decongest and tone the face. Something that our mothers and grandmothers did years ago and that is now again a trend due to the occurrence of the nomenclature and the influence of supermodels like Irina Shayk when she revealed that this is one of her beauty tricks.


In 2017, Karlie Kloss also made this technique very popular after posting a video just before the Victoria's Secret show where she dipped her face in a bowl of ice cubes to illuminate her face before the show. In this case, Irina directly rubs an ice cube all over her face and underlines its usefulness: "Trust me, it works. Around your face, it feels very cold. This is how you wake up in Russia," confirms the model in the video of her morning beauty routine from New York.


What the Russian model does introduce as a novelty in this traditional ancient beauty tip is the avant-garde way in which she creates the ice cubes. To do this, she uses a specific tool from Nicole Caroline, an ice cube mold that can be filled with water or any other ingredient. This is only a way to make this facial skincare technique more sophisticated, considering that it is absolutely affordable for anyone.


Among the most commented benefits of rubbing ice cubes on the skin are the reduction of any type of inflammation in the dermis, attenuation of bags and dark circles, and instant revitalization of the natural glow of the skin. Hence, most of the models and celebrities who opt for this beauty tip, do so just before their big events or even before bed, to enhance the natural beauty of their dermis and prepare their skin before applying any other product.



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