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Published on December 08, 2021 By Gentle Touch

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Organic cosmetics have been gaining followers for some time and are a market that is in continuous growth. More and more people are turning to it out of ecological awareness or the need to find less aggressive ingredients that don’t damage their skin or hair. Therefore, finding a vast catalog of organic beauty products in specialized stores is no longer strange. 


Today the word BIO is in trend, and more and more products for both food and care are joining this trend. 


But, what benefits does the use of more natural and organic products bring us to our bodies? Why are they being used by more and more people? 


Taking care of your skin is essential. After all, it is the largest living organ in the body. However, many of the personal care products on the market contain toxins and chemicals that suffocate you or can eventually cause side effects. Today there is a range of natural and organic products for your care, which you can use to treat aging and keep your skin looking smooth, radiant, and much healthier. 


Why is organic care a trend?  


Consumers' concern for their health and well-being and the growing demand for anti-aging, anti-hair loss, and sun protection products are aspects that the cosmetic industry should not neglect. To this is added the demanding regulations regarding the use of safe cosmetic ingredients, the reduction of environmental impact, and the efficient use of resources. All these aspects make it necessary to consider the innovation and development of new cosmetic products. Thus arises the commitment to organic products. 


Taking care of the body with organic and natural products brings multiple benefits to the skin. It is essential to create a routine that protects the skin barrier from the different internal and external factors to which it is exposed. Therefore, the first step you should take if you want to keep skin firm, smooth and healthy is to avoid exposing it to products that contain harmful substances. 


It is essential to know your skin type because depending on this, you can look for the appropriate care and treatment products that help you maintain hydrated, soft, and elastic skin. 


It is undeniable that with the passage of time, the skin changes, and generating awareness of its care when using organic and natural products is undoubtedly an act of responsibility with yourself. 


What are organic products?  


In the case of the organic term, this is nothing more than a derivation of English, explains Alonso. In organic farming, we speak of organic agriculture, and hence the word organic has been adopted to define what is organic. This is especially the case in Latin America, where organic cosmetics are called organic cosmetics in Europe. "It is rarely used here, but if someone uses it, it means the same thing", he explains. The main characteristic of organic cosmetics is that they use ingredients that, in addition to being natural, have been produced following the criteria for organic farming established by the European Regulation or other equivalent standards of other countries for organic production. "These criteria include the non-use of chemical fertilizers, pesticides, or herbicides, among others," says Nuria Alonso. "Organic ingredients have to be certified to be recognized as such", she clarifies. 


We are clear that ecological (eco), biological (bio), and organic, for practical purposes, are the same. The difference is in the natural term. Of course, an ecological cosmetic will always be realistic, but not all-natural products will be ecological. Many manufacturers use small proportions of natural ingredients to use that term but do not qualify or certify to say that they are organic. 


What are the benefits of organic skincare? 


Using organic skincare products offers many benefits for daily hygiene and health routines. Organic and natural skincare products are not only much healthier for your skin and body, but they are often better for the environment, contain no harmful chemicals, are not tested on animals, come in a wider range of products, and are moderately priced compared to many of the skincare brands on the market. Natural and organic products are made from only the best ingredients found in nature, which can significantly improve the appearance of your skin when used over time. 


When it comes to selecting the right beauty and skincare products, nothing can provide the long-term benefits of regular organic products. While many popular skincare products are regulated by government food and drug agencies, the ingredients of the average skincare product can include harmful chemicals like artificial preservatives, dyes, and perfumes that can make skin dry up, lose its tone, and look more aged. Organic skincare provides a safe alternative that can keep skin healthier, hydrated, and less prone to the effects of aging. 


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