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Published on December 20, 2021 By Gentle Touch

Waxing problems Gentle Touch CT

It is not a secret that every woman must deal with waxing. It does not matter what time of the year you are because you will surely wax regularly. Many hair removal techniques allow us to show off a beautiful, waxed body all year round, and it is typical and widespread for every woman to wax at home. However, it is highly recommended to go to a waxing center. 


Waxing is one of the aesthetic chapters that has been taking on the greatest prominence in recent years. Women and men choose to remove hair from different areas of their bodies. 


Currently, there are countless alternatives to say goodbye to hair. The best option is offered at Gentle Touch, where we will achieve great results if we follow the professionals' instructions. Despite this, many women prefer to wax at home. In this article, we want to show some widespread mistakes when waxing. 


Body parts of special care for hair removal 


Your whole body is important and of special care. However, you must be especially careful with the face and the public area. Exit the errors that we will explain later in this article. 


Pubic hair removal 


The trends on the aesthetics of female and male pubic hair are more varied than ever, as well as the method used such as razor, depilatory cream. However, some of these methods have their consequences. The most common are cuts, rashes, infections, and burns. On the other hand, injuries turn out to be more frequent among women than among men. Most injuries are not serious, but some may require medical attention. 


Waxing the face 


The face is one of the most delicate parts of our body, and, therefore, we must pay it the attention it deserves. You must bear in mind that the face requires care such as hydration and exfoliation. If you're not careful, the epilating experience may not be as effective. Avoid making some of the most common mistakes in hair removal to enjoy a much safer hair removal. 


Most common mistakes when waxing 


Watch out for the sun. 

After waxing, try to keep the area away from the sun's rays. This is because the depilated area is more sensitive and, therefore, more vulnerable to rays. 


Do not hydrate 

Regardless of the hair removal technique you use, it is important that you maintain good skin hydration. It is essential to give your skin extra nutrition due to waxing. 


To be in a hurry 

It is very common to wax the same day that you are going to attend a necessary appointment. If it is not done correctly and with the care needed, we can risk the skin being irritated and reddened, ruining the appearance we wanted to have. To do this, it is best to wax at least one day before. 


Use lotions or creams before waxing. 

In case you did not know, when the skin is oily due to the effect of these products, the wax does not adhere properly to the hair and, therefore, does not remove it. For best results with waxing, your skin should be dry and clean. 


Let the hairs grow excessively. 

Among the common mistakes in waxing is also letting the hair be too long to be removed with wax. The longer and thicker the hair, the greater the pain at the time of waxing and, instead of pulling it out by the roots, you run the risk that much of the hair will be cut off and you will not be able to enjoy a long-lasting waxing. 


You must do the hair removal process with a professional. That is why we recommend you go to a specialized place. If you have more questions about laser hair removal, do not hesitate to contact the Gentle Touch Team to get a FREE CONSULTATION. Please call (860) 216-6225 to schedule your appointment or email     


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