Make-up: after 45 years old

Published on November 05, 2021 By Gentle Touch | Last updated on March 28, 2022

Make-up: after 45 years old Gentle Touch CT


While it is easy to change your skincare routine over the years, changing how you use your make-up is less common because we do it automatically. Have you ever wondered the secret of women who always look young? One of their secrets is make-up adapted to their new skin! Here we share some make-up tips after 45 years old.


The skin changes with age. It gets thinner and doesn't look as fresh and smooth as before. Veins and bones can be seen more easily. Scrapes, cuts, or bumps may take longer to heal. Years of sun tanning or spending a lot of time in sunlight can result in wrinkles, dryness, age spots, and even cancer. But there are things you can do to protect your skin and make it feel and look better.


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Make-up as you age



Just because you're getting older doesn't mean you forget to take care of your face and body. Make-up is and will always be an indispensable tool in women's lives. The third age is no exception.


However, many women think that their appearance does not matter at this stage, but they are wrong since their social and professional life continues. Therefore, several cosmetologists give you tips to make you look beautiful. In this article, we share some recommendations with you. Remember that aGentle Touch, we offer you the best beauty service in Bloomfield, Connecticut. Don’t hesitate to contact us. 



Lighten your make-up routine


Less is more after 45; for this reason, it is better to lighten your make-up. When you overuse make-up, you only get an aging result. Sometimes it's just a matter of changing up the base's texture to brighten up the face. Our advice is that you get the advice of a make-up expert (in a beauty salon or a make-up store). This expert will give you personalized advice. 


For example, after 45 years, the cheeks are hollow. Consequently, it would help if you don't put the blush on your face as before in a rounded way. Instead, it would help if you put it in front of the cheekbone, going up towards the ear. 


You should consider that another detail that changes how your face looks is eyebrows because an impeccable line rejuvenates your look.


The secret of the make-up artist Laura Mercier: "You have to ask yourself the right questions: is the base, for example, really necessary? Wouldn't a well-chosen concealer be enough?"



Be careful with the base



Are you tired? We tend to force the amount of base we use to "camouflage" imperfections on our faces. This behavior is a common error because, in the end, we are just marking more the wrinkles and even fine lines. The base should become lighter and applied only on the T-zone of the face. Or perhaps on the areas of the face that need to be unified. Another solution: swap your base for a concealer targeted according to imperfections (redness, dark circles, etc.). Remember that If you have to apply base all over your face to look better, maybe you're using the wrong make-up. AGentle Touch, we offer you the best skincare service in Bloomfield, Connecticut.



Avoid some mistakes



When it comes to make-up, anything is always possible. Still, we advise you to avoid iridescent eyeshadows and other glitters that could accumulate in the hollows of fine lines. You can prevent this effect by choosing solid colors instead of glitter eye shadows.


After 45 years, the shape of the eye also changes. So, you should say yes to the liner if you like it but make it thinner than the one you did twenty years before, so the eye won't look smaller.


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The secret of Olivier Tissot, make-up & skincare expert of Embryolisse


"Don't be fooled by beautiful pictures in magazines. The highlighter on the cheekbones rarely works in real life. You should prefer safer textures."



Take care of your skin



Poorly hydrated skin absorbs the make-up that you don't remove. This situation results in fine lines and other redness appearing during the day. The skincare routine (make-up removal, serum, exfoliation, etc.) is essential for good skin health. Some missteps like skipping make-up removal once in a while could be admissible before thirty, but it is a skin catastrophe after forty years. When you wake up, your skin is wrinkled and dry. If you have an emergency like this, apply a moisturizing mask (or a thick layer of moisturizer) after removing make-up from the skin upon waking.


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Remember that you can embrace your wrinkles! Those fine lines aren't small imperfections or the beginning of the end, but a manifestation of all the amazing things we've done so far.


We gave you some tips to improve your make-up routine if you are in your 40s, but you need to remember that those are not flaws, wrinkles are part of you, and they are also beautiful. It's great to take care of your skin and make specific improvements, but you must never forget that it is not a problem to age. Having some expression lines is normal, and it is not bad. 


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