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Having good posture is necessary for the body's overall health. Keeping the body in the correct posture is beneficial to look better and an essential part of long-term health. 


Thus, both while moving and standing still, adopting good posture can help us avoid aches, pains, injuries, and other health problems. 


Experts explain that posture is how the body is maintained or supported. These professionals point out two types of posture: dynamic posture and static posture. 


On the one hand, dynamic posture refers to how we hold ourselves as we move, for example, when walking, running, or bending down to pick something up. On the other hand, static posture refers to how we hold ourselves when we are not moving, such as sitting, standing, or sleeping. 


What is a good posture? 


Contrary to popular belief, good posture does not mean keeping your spine completely straight. If you notice that it is tiring to maintain good posture, you are probably trying to keep your back completely straight. Trying to keep your spine completely straight is just as detrimental to your back as slouching. By constantly tightening your back muscles, you overexert yourself in the process. 


Good posture means keeping the two natural curves of the back, the concave curve from the base of the head to the shoulders and the concave curve from the upper back to the bottom of the spine, curved the right way. Here are tips that can improve your posture and keep it that way.  


How can posture affect health? 


Poor posture can be very detrimental to health. In addition, slouching or stooping, in the long run, can cause many problems. Some of them would be the following: 


  • Misaligning the musculoskeletal system. 

  • Wearing down the spine, making it more fragile and prone to injury. 

  • Cause pain in the neck, shoulders, and back. 

  • Decrease flexibility. 

  • Affect the correct way joints move. 

  • Affect balance and increase the risk of falling. 

  • Make it more difficult to digest food. 

  • Make breathing more difficult. 


Tips to improve your posture 


  • Identify your key motivation for good posture


Why do you want good posture? Is it to improve your breathing? To feel more confident? To avoid health problems? Be clear on your underlying desire so you can remind yourself every time you feel sluggish with no desire to do anything about your posture. 


  • Get ready for exercise 


If you run, try to find the most appropriate footwear for your stride and the arch of your foot: depending on the shape of the arch of the foot, there are three types of feet: standard (with a curvature that is neither insufficient nor excessive), cavus (in which the foot's support surface is centered in the posterior and anterior areas), or flat (the sole has total or almost total contact with the ground, which can cause pronation, in other words, more weight to be placed on the inside of the foot). 


  • Stay active 


Being active is essential to keep your back muscles strong and reduce the possibility of suffering pain. For your body to maintain its correct mobility in the long term, it is essential to maintain a proper body posture in your daily activities, work, and recreation. Remember that you may suffer pain if you have an inflammation or contracture, so exercise is contraindicated. 


  • Ask experts for help 


If you do not achieve a good posture, it is advisable to seek expert help. In any case, follow the advice of health professionals such as your doctor or pharmacist. 


  • Set a reminder to check your posture 


Many of us may intend to maintain good posture, but we usually forget about it after 5 minutes! A reminder helps. You decide how often you want to verify your posture. With enough reminders, you'll start carrying good posture naturally soon enough. 


  • Eliminate bad habits that cultivate a bad posture


These habits include watching TV and reading while lying down, working in low light (which translates into slouching), sleeping on your stomach; 10% of people do this!  


  • Maintaining a healthy weight


Extra weight can weaken abdominal muscles, cause pelvic and spinal problems and thus contribute to low back pain and terrible posture. 


Ensure that the surfaces where we perform tasks are at a comfortable height. 


Whether it is the desk where we are in front of a computer, the kitchen where we prepare dinner or the table where we eat, all these surfaces must be at a height that does not affect our posture. 


  • Get a good quality chair 


A good chair is one that has a sufficiently firm and dense mattress with back support. It is preferable for the back of the chair to reach at least as far as your shoulders, to place them against it. 


  • Get a back cushion 


This action is usually quite effective. Whenever you sit down, make sure your back is pressing the cushion against the chair. Whenever you lean forward, the pillow will fall off, which will act as a reminder to shift back to the correct posture. 


  • Put both feet up when standing or sitting. 


This tip means having both feet planted flat on the floor and not resting your weight on one particular foot, which is a widespread habit. While sitting, try not to cross your legs. This position helps to keep our upper body straight. 


How can you quickly check your posture? 


Stand next to a wall with your shoulders and buttocks in contact with the wall. In this position, the back of the head should also be in connection with the wall. If this is not possible, it means that the head is forward and not in line with the rest of the body, putting the muscles of the neck and shoulders under tension, leading to aches and pains in the long run. 


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