4 Emma Stone's top secrets for a healthy and beautiful hair

Published on November 05, 2021 By Gentle Touch | Last updated on March 28, 2022

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Beautiful hair requires special daily care. There are numerous external agents that the hair has to cope with throughout the year. The sun and saltwater at the beach in summer, the use of hairdryers and straighteners throughout the year, and low temperatures in winter can affect your hair. 


Emma Stone's secrets


The actress Emma Stone constantly adapts her image to her new characters on the big screen. From training hours and hours to build muscles to get into the role of tennis player Billie Jean King to changing the hair color half black, half white to play Cruella De Vil (although we suspect it may be a wig). She is always committed to a thousand and one transformations for her appearance and hair. 


We know her 4 top tips to have healthier, beautiful, and shinier hair. We will share them with you.


Although we are used to seeing her with the best versions of her iconic red hair color (thanks to colorist Tracy Cunningham), actress Emma Stone is a natural blonde. She has not hesitated to dye her hair brown, strawberry, platinum blonde, mahogany, etc. These tones have baffled us. Remember that aGentle Touch, we have the best beauty services in Bloomfield, Connecticut.


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However, we wanted to know firsthand the things she does to always wear spectacular hair, shiny and healthy, even after dyeing it several times. The answer is found in some of the actress and her stylists' comments since she does not have social networks to share her advice. These are the secrets that Emma Stone has shared that will allow you to have beautiful, shiny, and always perfect hair:


1. Cut your hair every six months



Emma Stone cuts her hair at least once every six months, allowing her hair to grow better and healthier and keeping her ends in perfect condition since she also has fine hair with a tendency to frizz. Regular haircuts every two to three months are ideal for embellishing the hair and promoting growth.


Moncho Moreno, director of the Moncho Moreno salon, proposes a "thickening cut" for fine hair that is undoubtedly the one performed on actress Emma Stone to have perfect ends. "With this cut, using a Japanese edge and dry cutting, the hair regains its lost thickness and strength. It is also advisable to cut your hair often to notice the results. We recommend trimming only the ends of your hair. Only the damaged parts are removed, and this cut completely seals the ends preventing split ends".


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 2. She washes her hair every day



Contrary to the habit of celebrities like Kourtney Kardashian, who avoid washing their hair daily, Emma Stone is a fan of washing her hair every day. And although the actress has not revealed what shampoo and conditioner she uses, her colorist Tracy Cunningham stated that the most important thing is not what you do to your hair in terms of color. The most important thing is having a good hair care routine to keep your hair tone always spectacular. 


When choosing a color, Cunningham works on the actress's hair color with Redken's Shade EQ, whose work is always done in hair salons. Emma Stone washes her hair every day because she always likes her hair to look impeccable. At Gentle Touch, we offer you the best beauty treatments in Bloomfield, Connecticut.


3. Using hair oils



Hair oils, before washing, allow Emma Stone to have shinier hair. Emma's stylist, Mara Roszak, often recommends using the hair oils that the actress use, like Leonor Greyl's to treat dry hair, simply by applying a small amount before washing to provide extra nourishment to your hair. She always uses these products to achieve that shiny and beautiful hairstyle on the red carpet. That's how her bangs and effortless waves look incredible in each of her performances.


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 4. Apply products from the ends to the roots



As Roszak assures, Emma Stone has a natural wave in her hair that can be easily styled because it is not too curly. And when it comes to applying hair care products, always follow a slogan that we are going to copy, and that is that whenever we use a cream or oil product, we should start at the ends and go up to the roots and not from the roots to the ends.


We hope you found these 4 tips helpful to implement in your hair care routine every day!


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