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Body sculpting refers to treatments that are booming. The gradual improvement thanks to the latest equipment, the good results of non-surgical treatments, and the new consumer trends in aesthetic medicine have caused this type of fat reduction and body reshaping treatment to burst onto the market with force. 


Don't just lose weight; shape your figure! 


Do you know someone who has lost weight but still has extra skin? Don't worry. That doesn't have to happen to you because there are both non-invasive and invasive methods to counteract this terrible problem. 


At Gentle Touch, we know that it is essential that you look good and feel good. For this reason, it is vital that, in addition to emotional and psychological health, you feel comfortable with your body. We offer the best body sculpting service in Bloomfield, Connecticut.  


What do we offer to help you? 


We have treatments that help you tone, shape, and firm localize "little fat" that has resisted disappearing. We call it localized because there are areas of the body that have been used to be the "Reserve," causing it to accumulate and, over time, change to a very resistant state even for diet and exercise. 


At Gentle Touch, we work to reduce that localized fat because we focus on your muscles, fat, and skin. This is why we are the best choice for body sculpting in Bloomfield, Connecticut.  


  • Muscle 


Muscle toning is fundamental. Your pace of life will no longer impede strengthening and toning your muscles. Nowadays, technology is on our side, favoring aesthetics and the health of those who use it. Toned muscles will highlight your figure. A sincere smile will stand out above it. 


  • Fat 


The elimination of localized body fat can be very complex. We have highlighted the problem of those "fatties" that refuse to disappear. Well, thinking about this is that we offer treatments that allow you to attack the problem. Some of them can be non-invasive, so come and learn more about them! Contact us to learn more about our body sculpting services in Bloomfield, Connecticut.  


  • Skin 


Tissue firming is a fundamental part of body sculpting. It is expected that when you have lost weight, you gain flaccidity. Or even if your complexion is slim. However, going hand in hand with skincare treatments allows you to avoid this annoying inconvenience. There are several options at your disposal. You decide on the one that best suits your needs. Dare to start. Remember, the comfort zone does not guarantee wellness. Take the first step! That's why you can contact us so we can provide you with the skincare options we have for you. Remember that we are the best choice for skincare in Bloomfield, Connecticut.  


What is body sculpting? 


Body sculpting is shaping your body to look slimmer and more toned. There are several ways to achieve this look. Methods include non-invasive techniques such as exercise routines and body wraps to injections and surgeries. 


A body sculpting exercise routine combines flexibility and cardiovascular training with light free weights or exercise bands to shape and tone the body without increasing overall bulk. This exercise routine is very similar to cross-training but without the body stress of aerobics. It aids in general wellness, helps prevent osteoporosis, and promotes a higher metabolism, resulting in more calories from fat burning. 


However, not just exercises alone are enough in many instances to get the result you want. For this reason, body sculpting treatments are necessary for you to achieve the figure you desire. We understand this difficulty, and for this reason, at Gentle Touch, we offer you the best options for body sculpting in Bloomfield, Connecticut.  


Some of the body sculpting options at Gentle Touch are CryoSkin Lipolysis®, CryoSlimming®, CryoToning®, Ultrasound Cavitation, and Wood Therapy. Don't hesitate to contact us for the best body shaping service in Bloomfield, Connecticut.  


Common problems affecting body image 


If you are unhappy with the appearance of your body, it can be challenging to participate confidently in work, social and recreational activities. Many candidates for body sculpting treatments find that their cellulite, fat, and excess skin inhibit them from doing many things they want to do, whether it's wearing a bathing suit, playing sports, or simply going out for a night on the town.  


Studies have shown that cellulite treatment, excess skin, and fat removal are body sculpting techniques that can alleviate common insecurities. 


Importance of having a good body 


Nowadays, both women and men seek to have a good body, not only for aesthetics but rather for health, since having a good body or keeping the body in shape provides many benefits. 


It is essential to have a good body because, according to scientific studies, the importance of having a good body. When people look at another person, they can create an image, that is to say, the appearance of that person can give ideas of how they are. 


Having a good body is crucial because it allows development and success for many people. Also, appearance is a means of communication and transmits body language to others. 


Also, self-esteem plays a significant role in life, and if it is high, we can have a better quality of life in all aspects. 


The benefits are not only about how we are but also bring health benefits such as improving circulation, improving our performance, and giving us physical condition. In addition, and as a complement to all the above, clothes will always be able to show off and highlight the figure of our body. 


At Gentle Touch, we help you to get the body that you want. If you have questions about our body treatments, do not hesitate to contact the Gentle Touch Team to get a Free Consultation. Please call (860) 216-6225 to schedule your appointment or email     


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