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We all know that body posture affects our health but also our physical appearance, it speaks of our health, but to keep in mind how much a bad posture can affect our body, we tell you the most important consequences of having a bad body posture. A wrong body posture is an aesthetic issue and can affect the health and functioning of the body. Learn about its consequences and how you can improve in this aspect. 


People are usually not aware of the consequences of bad posture when sleeping, walking, or even working, especially in front of a desk. To prevent future problems, it is essential to understand the adverse effects this brings to the body and correct this practice.  


Although in theory, the working day should be 8 hours a day, in reality, the worker spends more of his life in the office than at home and, what is worse, in front of a computer and a fixed place in many cases without being able to move, bad posture at the time of work sooner or later take their toll on the spine. 


How do you position yourself? 


Body posture refers to how the limbs, muscles, trunk, and joints are related, maintained, and positioned through kinesthetic sensitivity and a sense of balance. That is, it refers to the position of the human body. There may be a specific position for each daily action: walking, sitting, sleeping, lifting, or simply standing.  


Specialists assure that a correct posture implies a proportional and symmetrical alignment of the body segments concerning the axis of gravity. That is, having the ears, shoulders, and hips in a straight line. This being so, tension and stiffness will be minimal and its effectiveness maximum. 


What are the risks? 


When we spend a long time sitting without getting up (more than 4 hours of the day), the sustained muscle contraction causes continuous compression of the blood vessels causing the muscle not to receive the necessary supply of oxygen and glucose, which hinders the elimination of cellular waste and causes a level of fatigue that forces us to interrupt the task. 


Prolonged periods in a seated position reduce muscle movement, especially in the neck and shoulders, producing constant compression on the intervertebral discs. This position increases the probability of suffering musculoskeletal disorders in the neck, dorsal back, lumbar area, and blood circulation problems (cardiovascular and varicose veins). 


The risk increases with years of exposure and is accompanied by other adverse effects, such as decreased mobility, heart and lung efficiency, and the appearance of digestive problems. There is also some evidence linking osteoarthrosis of the knee to sitting. 


Pregnant women are a particular case of risk exposure: some common symptoms of pregnancy are increased, such as back pain and swelling of the legs, as well as the risk of developing varicose veins in the lower extremities. 


Consequences of a wrong posture 


1. Alterations in the neck and spine 


Poor posture can generate intense pain in the spine, neck, and back dorsal area, but that's not all. It can also cause diseases such as dorsalgia, which is physical discomfort or pain in any part of the spine or back, and cervicalgia, that is, pain in the neck.  


2. Joint and tendon problems 


Many times, our jobs require us to work long hours using the computer. Still, when we do not have the ideal desk or table to work, it is challenging to maintain a correct posture, leading to inflammation in the tendons that join the forearm and hand muscles, producing epicondylitis.  


3. Pain in the spine 


This lousy practice negatively affects the spine, causing a deformity in the central axis of our bones, which generates strong pains product of kyphosis (curvature that causes the incurvation of the back) and scoliosis. A lousy posture in which we are hunched puts pressure on our back and neck and can accentuate the pain in these body areas. 


4. More risk of injuries 


With a bad body posture, you will have more chance of suffering injuries in different parts of the body. When exercising, you can overload unwanted body areas by positioning yourself in the wrong way, which sooner or later can end up injured. 


5. Bulging belly 


With a body posture where the spine is bent, you are more likely to weaken the abdomen muscles and, thus, to have a bulging belly or what we usually call belly. 


6. Worse figure 


A bad body posture can be responsible for a deteriorated body image. You look older and heavier because being upright with a straight spine adds elegance slenderness and significantly improves your physical appearance. 


Consequences of a wrong posture at work 


Spending many hours without movement can cause problems in the muscles and bones. These are some diseases that can affect your spine: 


  • Dorsalgia: intense pain in the spine, is present in people who work in front of a desk with a swivel chair and do not have an ergonomic chair, is often confused with back pain. 


  • Cervicalgia: an intense neck pain in the back that originates in most cases when the posture is incorrect and forced for a long time. 


  • Kyphosis: It is a curvature in the spine caused by the swivel chair of most jobs. This evil causes pain, fatigue, and sensitivity. 


  • Torticollis: It is one of the most frequent causes of pain when adopting inadequate postures when working, studying, and even sleeping. This causes the cervical nerves to become inflamed. 


  • Epicondylitis: It is the inflammation of the tendons that join the muscles of the forearm and hand. The constant use of the mouse and keyboard without adequate support generates this condition. 


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