Consequences of a wrong depilation

Published on December 27, 2021 By Gentle Touch

The enemies of a great shape

Body depilation is one of the most common practices for aesthetics. But many times, we do not know the appropriate measures that we must use to perform proper hair removal. 


Waxing is one of the traditional ways to remove unwanted hair from the entire body. However, improperly eradicating hair also has its downsides. 


Is it wrong to remove our undesired hair? 


Opinions are diverse, and that is why there are women who do not know well what to do. But is it terrible to remove our body hair? 


Although shaving and waxing hair is often unpleasant, more and more men and women worldwide are undergoing this aesthetic ritual with the help of razors, wax, creams, and lasers. 


According to the numerous scientific studies carried out on the subject, one of the main reasons why many continue to join this practice is aesthetics. But this is not the only reason. 


Consequences of a wrong depilation 


You should let your hair removal procedure in professional hands. Here we share some possible consequences of wrong depilation.   




A wrong practice can lead to burns if the depilation process is not done well and it can generate pain in the epidermis itself. It is important that you know the type of skin you have to avoid suffering burns. 


Folliculitis and ingrown hairs 


In addition to an aesthetic solution, laser hair removal is a therapeutic option for people with a tendency to ingrown hairs, recurrent folliculitis, or hidradenitis, a chronic inflammatory condition of the glands in the area. We often recommend that you do a definitive hair removal because the follicles are destroyed, and we avoid the appearance of lesions. 


Wound infections 


Wound infections only occur when the epidermis of the skin is damaged. Bacteria, viruses, and fungi can cause disease. Antibiotic and antiviral creams should be used after treatment to minimize the risk of getting an infection. The consequences of these infections can be critical and affect the body's overall health. 




This occurs in the treated area around three days after the treatment. It is widespread and is experienced by most people who have laser hair removal treatment. Laser exposure can create a wound in the skin's dermis, causing the layers above it to redden. If you have this side effect, it is possible to reduce it by cooling the skin area when you finish the treatment. 




Allergic reactions are relatively rare, but they do happen anyway and can be very uncomfortable. If you have never waxed before, it would be very wise to test a small area to see if you are allergic to this product or not. 




Skin bleeds appear as red/purple rashes on the skin. They can be caused by damage to a blood vessel wall. Usually, it is only temporary, lasting around 3-5 days. If this happens to you, you should inform your doctor or nurse. 


We always recommend going to a cosmetic and beauty surgery clinic with the best conditions and duly qualified staff. The lowest cost options can make us suffer consequences like these. 


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