Cleanliness and discipline: Keys to a simple and effective facial routine for women in their 50s

Published on November 05, 2021 By Gentle Touch | Last updated on April 11, 2022

Effective facial routine for women - Gentle Touch Connecticut

To prevent having dehydrated, without luminosity, and flaccid skin, with wrinkles and spots caused by the sun, we recommend following a skincare routine that takes your age and skin type into consideration. The skin won't the same throughout your entire life. Collagen levels, for example, will decrease over time. Besides, your skin will always be exposed to different factors, both external and internal, that can make you age. Although it is not a strict rule, the following keys are suited for women over 50 because we consider that mature skin must follow a specific routine.


Why this? There are different opinions around this topic, but it could be said that it is after 40 or 45 years when aging signs begin to appear, although this varies depending on how the skin has been cared for from the beginning. An inappropriate diet, lack of continuous hydration, stress, tobacco and alcohol consumption, and sun exposure are determining factors.


Cleanliness and discipline


The beautician Carmen Navarro proposes some key steps to take care of your skin when it starts showing these signs and we decide we want to slow down the aging process. She gives us a keyword: discipline. Discipline regarding cleansing, which must be done at night, to remove ALL your makeup, and again in the morning. In fact, she goes further and suggests that it could be performed twice at night. And she recommends never forgetting the tonic, which balances the PH.


Once the issue of cleansing has been clarified, the expert emphasizes the necessary daily care and advises applying an eye contour "to keep puffiness and dark circles at bay" and a peptides-based serum, which enhances the creation of collagen and elastin, both responsible for skin rejuvenation.


Now it is time for cream, "to regain the volume and density of the skin", preferably with hyaluronic acid, and much better if it also contains vitamin C or resveratrol.


And after applying cream? Always, either winter or summer, whatever the weather, you must use sun protection. In the warm months, Carmen Navarro indicates the need to add antioxidants and light cream to this routine.


Finally, the last two recommendations from the specialist: use a facial skincare device that facilitates the penetration and absorption of the products and never forget the neck and upper chest, two parts of the body that can reveal age even before the face.


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