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Published on June 30, 2022 By Gentle Touch

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Now that it's summer at Gentle Touch, we want to offer our patients the best treatments to prepare the skin and body for this time of the year. 


The trendy summer aesthetic treatments surprise us. Year after year, body treatments are the most demanded by women because, mainly, we are concerned about cellulite and localized fat, but we also want to show off a flat stomach or strong arms. 


However, and curiously, during the hottest time of the year (and especially now that they have removed the mandatory use of the mask in outdoor spaces), we all want to show off our best face, and specific techniques help us to show an impeccable appearance. 


As in fashion, beauty trends vary season after season, but there is one thing that never changes: we all want to feel great. The arrival of good weather coincides with the arrival of new and effective cosmetic and medical-aesthetic protocols.  


In aesthetics, any procedure we undergo, no matter how simple it may seem, is always a help us to feel better about ourselves, look good on the outside, and feel good inside.  


And for that reason, whoever dares to take the step should be happy with the results. However, before trying any treatment, it is essential to know what it consists of, for whom it is indicated, and its benefits. For this reason, we invite you to learn about our services at Gentle Touch for body and facial care in Bloomfield, Connecticut.  


Why is summer a good moment to start your beauty treatment? 


Traditionally, autumn and winter have been considered the best times for many aesthetic treatments. In summer, the skin suffers significantly from the sun and high temperatures, which lead to dehydration. However, advances in aesthetic medicine make it possible to perform many retouches during the summer months, taking into account some precautions. 


Summer is approaching, and looking good begins to be the obsession of many. However, to show off that desired figure or skin, it is necessary to perform some beauty treatments before the summer period. 


At a time of year like summer, when people dress in fewer clothes than usual, the concern for exhibiting an attractive and healthy body is a constant trending topic. For this reason, the vast majority begin to follow the now famous Mediterranean diet en masse, complemented by the occasional hour or so in the gym. However, there are many other widely effective treatments for the most demanding.  




Despite what many people think, it is possible to perform multiple beauty treatments during this time of the year. In the summer, our skin and hair are more exposed to external aggressions, such as the sun, seawater or swimming pools, etc.  


All this makes the skin more dehydrated and less luminous, so it is the ideal time to take care of it with treatments that provide nutrition and regeneration, improve wrinkles and flaccidity, and, ultimately, make our skin look more beautiful. 


Learn about our skin care services in Bloomfield, CT. At Gentle Touch, we offer services such as Microneedling PRP, Chemical Peel, Led Therapy, or Cryoskin Facial. We are also experts in treating special skin conditions.  


Depending on skin type and age, many facial treatments can be performed in summer, always using high sun protection to protect the area. However, in each case, the professional expert will indicate the necessary guidelines.  


Treatments that should not be performed in summer include removing blemishes, warts, nevi, spider veins, or laser resurfacing. Peelings are a different case. Currently, preparations are formulated to be used at any time of the year. But not all of them. It depends on the formulation, the concentration of active ingredients, etc. 


Body care 


In summer, the body concentrates much of the care. When the time comes to enjoy the beach and the pool, the objective is to eliminate cellulite and localized fat and combat flaccidity.  


It is advisable to start the preparation in the months before the summer season. However, performing some aesthetic medicine treatment during the summer is also possible.  


Everything will depend on the side effects and the patient's willingness to have them. Some treatments may leave bruises that must be covered until their complete disappearance to keep out the sun. However, body shaping treatments can be performed in the summer because they have few side effects. For some treatments, it is enough to stay out of the sun on the day of the treatment and the following day. 


We invite you to contact us and find out the treatment that best suits your needs. At Gentle Touch, we offer the best service for your body care in Bloomfield, Connecticut.  


A better figure is not only achieved through marathon sessions in the gym. It is also essential to consider different treatments that can help us shape our bodies to have the figure we have always dreamed of.  


The latest developments in the field of aesthetic medicine already allow us to treat flaccidity and muscle simultaneously. With the treatments we offer at Gentle Touch, we can make sagging skin smooth, firm, and with a visibly more reconstructed tissue.  


Learn about the Body Sculpting services in Bloomfield we have for you. We offer our CryoSkin Lipolysis, Ultrasound Cavitation, and Wood Therapy services. These treatments are suitable for several body areas, and their results are visible from the first sessions. 


At Gentle Touch, we will help you to get the skin that you want. If you have questions about our skin treatments, do not hesitate to contact the Gentle Touch Team to get a Free Consultation. Please call (860) 216-6225 to schedule your appointment or email info@GentleTouchCT.com.     





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