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Published on August 07, 2022 By Gentle Touch

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There are many myths about laser hair removal in summer. We recommend reading this article to learn about this aesthetic medicine technique's care, myths, and recommendations. 


Inevitably in the summer months, we usually go to the pool and the beach or perform physical exercise outdoors. For instance, the degree of sun exposure increases in this period. Therefore, it is necessary to take special care of the skin, although preventive and protective care should be carried out throughout the year. 


Is it possible to perform laser hair removal in summer? 


The answer is yes, it is possible to perform laser hair removal treatments in summer. Thanks to the advance in technology, there are no real impediments, regardless of the skin phototype of each person. However, there are several special care and precautions to be taken into account. 


Recommendations for laser treatment in summer 


  • First, it is advisable not to sunbathe at least 7 - 10 days before and after the session. If physical exercise is performed, it is advisable not to do it just before the session. 


  • When we are going to perform a laser hair removal session must be shaved, not depilated with tweezers or wax (never by pulling). 


  • Using moisturizing creams and drinking water to keep the skin hydrated will improve the results. 


  • Gentle exfoliations of the skin can be performed on the previous days to improve the effectiveness of the treatment. In this way, dead cells are eliminated, and above all, folliculitis or ingrown hairs are prevented from appearing. 


We know that summer is here, and hair removal is starting to become a headache for many of us. According to some studies, we invest an average of 730 hours of our lives to depilate with traditional non-permanent methods, such as waxing or razor. While resorting to laser would mean spending no more than 5 hours on average in each area, with the advantage of being a definitive method that improves the skin.  


The traditional ones are aggressive, as they believe it leaves the skin more sensitive, dry, or slightly reddened because we expose it to a heat source or remove its protective layer. However, the truth is that the laser improves its appearance and is an effective technique for treating sensitive skin prone to scaling or folliculitis. 


So, it seems clear that the best, and quickest, is to switch to laser, the definitive method, although at this stage of the season, with the sun already beating down in torrents, not just any laser will do. For this reason, in Gentle Touch, we will help you in your hair removal process in Bloomfield, CT, this summer. 


Benefits of Laser Hair Removal at Gentle Touch 


A well-used laser procedure can bring different benefits to your skin. Here are some of the benefits we offer you with our laser treatments so you can perform your procedure this summer. 


  • It is painless, a very comfortable treatment that does not cause pain, although it does "bother," in a sensation similar to a massage. 


  • It works on light, dark, black, and recently tanned skin. And with all types of hair, from the thickest to the finest. 


  • No burns and ultra-fast. The sessions are two to three times faster than conventional laser treatment, and the risk of burns is practically nil. 


  • It is suitable for all types of hair because it acts in three depths, which makes it destroys at the same time from the thickest to the most delicate hair without the need to change the type of laser during treatment. 


  • It can be applied to anybody area, including the most sensitive or difficult-to-reach areas such as the ears, neck, and bikini line. 


  • No recovery time is needed, and daily activities can be resumed immediately. 


Remember that at Gentle Touch, we are your best option for laser hair removal service in Bloomfield, CT.  


Before and after laser depilation 


For hair removal with this laser to be effective, it is necessary to prepare the skin on the days before treatment and follow minimum care in the following days, especially in summer. 


  • Before each laser session, the same day or the day before, shave and moisturize deeply without using self-tanning creams. 


  • Do not expose the depilated area to the sun for the 48 hours before the laser and for the same period afterward. 


During the 15 days before the laser session (and better if they are 25), the hair cannot be depilated with any removal method (no wax, tweezers, or electric epilators). That is to say, only the hair to be removed should be cut during this period. It is also not advisable to use any exfoliant. 


During the 10 days after the laser session, we must protect the depilated areas with sunscreen 50+. 


At Gentle Touch, we provide an excellent laser hair removal service in Bloomfield, CT. 


Conclusions on laser hair removal in summer 


To conclude, it is also necessary to point out that this treatment requires some time to be effective. The hair disappears, but it is challenging to predict the number of sessions needed for the hair to stop being a nuisance for you, as it is highly variable. The time to prove its effectiveness will vary depending on aspects such as the phototype, the area, or the thickness of the hair. 


That laser hair removal cannot be performed during the hottest time of the year is false, just like peelings in summer, which require a series of extra care but are not contraindicated. 


It is a treatment that can be carried out throughout the year without any inconvenience, whatever the skin phototypes of each person. It is only necessary to use good sunscreen and follow the indications of the medical specialist before and after the session. 


At Gentle Touch, we will help you get the skin you want. If you have questions about our skin treatments, do not hesitate to contact the Gentle Touch Team to get a Free Consultation. Please call (860) 216-6225 to schedule your appointment or email     





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