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Some internal and external situations make achieving the body we want challenging. For example, genetics limits the anatomy and sabotages your aspirations as soon as you neglect them, nor can the operating room change reality. And it's not bad, so you shouldn't be overly concerned.  


Want is not always power. Don't be fooled that there are no limits; there are. And it's not because of the money, which also puts restrictions. Mother Nature gave you anatomy that you can chisel with diet and exercise, but only to a certain extent. It's not always possible.  


Neither the latest in medical technology nor the best surgeon nor the most seasoned expert's training plan will guarantee you the fitness body everyone seems to be craving lately. You can get in shape and turn all your effort into good health, but chances are you can forget about reaching the canon of beauty imposed in gyms. It's not like you're sweating for nothing. 


Body beauty stereotypes 


If this article had been written in the 1980s, the male ideal would be Rambo or Arnold Schwarzenegger. Today, however, beauty standards have changed. Today's male beauty standards are related to defined muscles but without the hypertrophy of that decade.  


Achieving these standards seems more straightforward than it is. These results require a lot of consistency and a balance between strength work in the gym and high-intensity cardio. Bodies with greater muscle mass, such as those of CrossFit athletes, are also prevalent. These bodies are strong and very marked, but at a great distance from a body, worked in the volume of any bodybuilding competition. 


Among women, the canon has shifted from skeletal anatomies to a fibrous slimness that is undoubtedly healthier. In the gym, they look for defined and muscular bodies like some sportswomen, dancers, or yoga teachers. Specific strength training is required, but without excess, to obtain these results. Just enough to define.  


Next, more weight is given to corpulent muscular anatomies, such as 'CrossFit' athletes. There is more intense strength work here; we can see powerful quads and biceps, well-developed buttocks, and a well-defined six-pack.  


Healthy but very pronounced leanness is seen in long-distance runners. They spend many hours doing a cardiovascular activity at medium intensity and burn much fat without generating a large muscle volume. However, today it is still a regular canon of beauty for models and television actresses.  


Difficulties to have the body of your dreams 


The causes that prevent you from having the body you want can be multiple and complex. This situation can generate frustration and is the result of a combination of causes and factors that contribute to a body you do not want.  


It is generally accepted that the cause of obesity is an energy imbalance between calories consumed and calories expended through exercise and activities of daily living, whereby the body stores excess calories as fat. 


  • Age


As you get older, hormonal changes and a less active lifestyle contribute to the onset of obesity. 


  • Female sex


Mainly associated with pregnancy and menopause. Obesity also occurs in women with polycystic ovary syndrome, an endocrine condition that prevents proper ovulation. 


  • Unhealthy eating


In the last 50 years, there has been a universal tendency to eat foods rich in fat, salt, and sugars. 


  • Sedentary lifestyle


There is a decrease in physical activity due to a sedentary lifestyle due to automation of work activities, modern means of transportation, and increased urban living. 


  • Sociocultural factors


Obesity is associated with a lower educational and income level linked to limited access to recreational facilities and a lack of money to buy healthy food. 


  • Behavioral factors


Some behavioral factors such as food consumption, smoking, and alcohol intake. 


  • Genetic factors


Some genetic studies have determined that obesity may be inherited by genes influencing the amount of body fat and its distribution. 


  • Specific medications


These medications include antidepressants, anticonvulsants, steroids, antipsychotics, diabetes medications, and beta-blockers. 


What can help you? 


Here we share some tips for you to consider if you want to feel better with your body: 


  • Don't expect your body to be perfect


It's good to accept and love the body you have. It's yours, so show it some love. 


  • Think about the things you like about the way you look 


Do you have long legs? Broad shoulders? A great smile? A friendly face? Try to see the good things other people see when they look at you. 


  • Eat healthy foods 


Fuel your body with healthy foods. When you have a better diet, you will feel and look great. It gives you energy and keeps your body functioning correctly. 


  • Go to sleep on schedule 


Your body needs enough sleep to look good and stay healthy. Rest gives you the recharge you need to learn and play all day. 


  • Be active every day 


It is a reality that when you move your body, you must move your whole muscles. When you exercise a muscle, it gets stronger. If your muscles are strong, your body is fit and healthy. You can stay active by playing games, dancing, sports, or cleaning your room. 


  • Keep your body sanitized and groomed 


Take a shower or bath. Wash your face and hair. Brush your teeth. Wear clean clothes. Find your own style. Stand tall and proud. Look at the new you. Be happy with the way you look. 


  • Maintain a healthy weight 


Getting a healthy weight is fundamental because it helps you feel better. When you get a but don't try to diet on your own. It is not safe or healthy for a child to do this. Always talk to a parent or doctor. The doctor will tell you if your weight is healthy when you have a checkup. If your weight could be more beneficial, the doctor will suggest some things you can do. Eating right and doing more physical activity helps a lot. 


At Gentle Touch, we help you to get the body that you want. If you have questions about our body treatments, do not hesitate to contact the Gentle Touch Team to get a Free Consultation. Please call (860) 216-6225 to schedule your appointment or email     



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