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Wood therapy is a massage technique based on wooden instruments of different sizes and shapes, specially designed to exert pressure on other body parts to achieve specific objectives. Wood therapy is classified as a holistic therapy and, as such, seeks the welfare and balance between body and mind, working vital points and other essential points according to the objective of the therapy, which stimulates healing through blood activation and vitality and energy. 


What is wood therapy? 


Wood therapy consists of stimulating the body with different wooden tools adapted to other areas of the body, intending to reduce stress levels and thus relieve muscle and joint pain. 


Although it is a holistic technique, it has aesthetic purposes nowadays because its use has been extended to fight cellulite, reaffirming and toning the body. Body and anti-cellulite wood therapy are the most common, but facial wood therapy also uses instruments adapted to the face to improve skin quality and tone. 


Body wood therapy 


The robust results of wood therapy are made possible by two factors: the woods and the technique used. The different wood pieces and shapes (smooth roller, grooved roller, cube roller, shaping board, mushroom, and Swedish cup) allow multiple movements (straight, lateral, hollow, zigzag). Using one or several kinds of wood, as well as customizing the protocol according to needs, working in a localized way with a precise and refined technique.  


Oils are applied to the woods to glide over the body and face. In addition, reducing and anti-cellulite creams are used to enhance the effects of the massages in the case of the body. In some centers, they are combined with other techniques such as pressotherapy or draining massage. 


Main benefits 


There are many applications you can have for wood therapy, and also you can get several benefits. This aesthetic treatment could be used to get different results, such as stimulating venous or lymphatic circulation. Also, it is perfect for toning the skin, shaping the body contour, and combating cellulite. This technique also relieves contractures, back or neck pain, or other muscular or joint discomforts. 


Some of the benefits you get from wood therapy are the following: 


  • Activates circulation. 

  • Helps to eliminate retained liquids. 

  • It serves to shape the body. 

  • It favors the dissolution of localized fat. 

  • It favors the elimination of orange peel skin. 

  • It is beneficial as a complement for weight loss, whether fat or retaining fluids. 

  • It is relaxing, especially after an intense physical or sporting activity or in cases where there is a lot of accumulated stress. 


Some experts explain that an intense massage is performed with wooden instruments designed to achieve an anti-cellulite, reducing, toning, and draining effect. This massage reduces the contour of the treated areas, reduces localized fat, considerably improves the skin's texture, and even achieves the desired lifting of the buttocks.  


The pressure exerted and the specific movements with the wooden massagers contribute to breaking the adipocyte, mobilizing the fat to flow towards the lymphatic system, and eliminating it using drainage maneuvers. Body wood therapy is applied to the legs and buttocks, as well as the abdomen and even the arms. 


Other experts in aesthetic treatments summarize the benefits of body wood therapy as follows: 


- Improves blood circulation. 


- It promotes drainage, preventing fluid retention and detoxifying the body. 


- Combats cellulite and orange peel skin. 


- Shapes the body contour, reducing accumulated fat deposits. 


- Regulates the nervous system and reduces stress. 


- Stimulates the production of vitamin E, collagen, and elastin. 


- Tones the skin. 


As one of the main benefits and uses of wood therapy is to shape your figure, if you are interested, we recommend Gentle Touch's wood therapy services in Bloomfield, CT. Don't hesitate to contact us.  


Contraindications of wood therapy 


As with everything, there are not only benefits and, in this case, we can mention the following contraindications of wood therapy: 


  • This treatment would not be advisable if you have any wound or another type of damage. 

  • If there is an infection in the skin and other parts of the body. 

  • In case of being with tenths or fever. 

  • In certain cases, in which there are skin problems, such as psoriasis, eczema, etc., and in other cases in which there is hyperthyroidism, serious circulatory problems (both blood and lymphatic) and cancer. In these situations, as well as if you are pregnant, it will be vital to talk first with the medical specialist and follow his advice on whether to have wood therapy massages in each case. 


Combination with other treatments 


In aesthetics, wood therapy can be combined with other treatments, as an enhancer. For instance, you could combine an anti-cellulite massage to get a better result. 


All this, taking into account the time we have for treatment, the needs of the client, and the results we want to achieve. 


Utensils used 


These tools have become popular in the fight against cellulite, but it is also essential to know that, depending on the device, we can remodel, tone, lift the bust, improve circulation and treat back or joint ailments. Some of the ones we can find are. 


  • Swedish cup 

  • Cylinder or modeling roller (reaffirming) 

  • Striated or modeling board 

  • Modeling cup 

  • Striated toning cup 

  • Mushroom 


If you want to learn more about the benefits of wood therapy, we invite you to contact us. At Gentle Touch, we offer the best wood therapy services in Bloomfield, CT. 


At Gentle Touch, we help you to get the body that you want. If you have questions about our body treatments, do not hesitate to contact the Gentle Touch Team to get a Free Consultation. Please call (860) 216-6225 to schedule your appointment or email     





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