6 benefits of having a good posture

Published on February 25, 2022 By Gentle Touch | Last updated on March 01, 2022

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Having a good body posture is something that we have been asked to comply with since we were children. However, not so much is specified about the importance of this aspect for our overall health. 


Far from being a purely aesthetic reason, keeping a proper body posture has been linked to multiple benefits for people's health, from physical and functional aspects to a relationship with mood. 


Although it has always been present, the popularity of mobile devices has fueled people's interest in knowing the importance of body posture. This is because the excessive use of cell phones and other mobile devices has been associated with posture deformation, with syndromes such as 'text neck', for example. 


In this regard, various studies and a large number of medical cases have confirmed that repeatedly tilting the head to consult the devices affects our health. For example, posture has been shown to influence mood, behavior, and memory. 


How can body posture affect our lives? 


Having a good posture will not only help you look more stylized, but it will also help you take care of your health since poor posture can affect your back, neck, and even hands. 


Not many of us are aware of our bad habits regarding body posture. We often do not realize it, and unwittingly, we are overloading certain areas of our body by adopting a posture that is not appropriate, and that can repeatedly affect our health. 


Yes, our bad body habits depend on our lifestyle and our daily rhythm. For example, people who spend many hours in front of a computer often forget that their back should not arch excessively and that their knees should be parallel to their shoulders, with no crisscrossing. The additional pressure in front of the work table does not help. Still, this pressure accumulates on the shoulders and neck, eventually generating general discomfort with acute ailments in these areas. 


Now, how can these postures affect our lives beyond the physiological realm? As we mentioned before, body posture is closely related to our way of being, so a good posture can positively affect our thoughts and emotions, improving our mental health. Otherwise, poor body posture can emphasize negative aspects of your personality. 


A good body posture allows you to align your physical form with your mental state, acting accordingly and enhancing your self-confidence. It is when we feel better when at the same time, we see ourselves better before others, which ultimately favors our self-esteem. 


What aspects constitute good posture? 


There are some features that you can consider if you want to get a correct posture, such as the following: 


  • Chin parallel to the ground 


  • Shoulders level (bring your shoulders up, back, and down to help achieve this). 


  • Neutral back (not flexed or arched that excessively emphasizes the curve in the lower back). 


  • Arms to the sides with straight and equal elbows. 


  • Strengthened abdominal muscles. 


  • Hips level. 


  • Knees equal and pointing straight forward. 


  • Bodyweight evenly distributed on both feet. 


Keep your chin parallel to the ground, arms, hips, and knees at equal heights in a sitting position, and your knees and feet pointing forward. 


Benefits of a good posture 


1. It makes breathing easier 


Good posture allows you to breathe correctly. You can start to appreciate this benefit after meditating regularly along with good posture. You will find big difference in the amount of air you can inhale between sitting up straight and slouching. This is why yoga, Pilates, and meditation exercises help so much to get your posture positions correctly. 


2. Improve your look 


People with good posture seem more intelligent and more attractive. Have you ever seen someone with bad posture and felt that the person looked sloppy, without even saying or doing anything yet? On the other hand, a good posture naturally exudes an aura of assertiveness and attractiveness. 


In addition to providing confidence and a better perception of yourself, having a good posture will help you feel full of spirit. It starts little by little. Everything is a process. It also increases your confidence. According to The Ohio State University, good posture improves your self-esteem and makes you feel like everything is okay. 


3. Avoid pain 


Having a good posture takes care of your spine. Keep in mind that this gives us the necessary support to sit, stand and even walk, so it is essential that you sit correctly and avoid wear and tear on the joints. When you feel bad, your back is paying the consequences. So, sit with your feet on the floor, your back against the chair, and relax your shoulders and arms. 


Sometimes knee pain is also caused by poor posture when walking or resting. Be careful about what moves you make. If you have good posture, you will avoid back, knee, and joint pain. 


4. You will perform better daily activities 


Having good posture helps us stand, walk, sit, and lie in positions that put the least effort into supporting muscles and ligaments during movement and weight-bearing activities. Correct posture helps us keep our bones and joints in the proper alignment so that our muscles are used properly, lessening the abnormal wear and tear on joint surfaces that can lead to degenerative arthritis and joint pain. 


By standing upright, we center our weight on our feet, which helps us perform tasks such as going up and downstairs, sitting down, carrying things, and looking behind us. 


5. Increase your productivity 


Correct posture allows your body to send signals to the brain that it is in a position of power, which increases testosterone and leads to increased productivity. Likewise, stress is reduced. This reduction increases your ability to resist deadlines and list all the things you have to do. According to a study published in the American Psychological Association, if you sit up straight when you're stressed, you suppress negative emotions. 


6. You will have less stress 


This stress, necessary for life when it occurs at specific times, harms our health if maintained continuously. If you correct your posture, you will be more relaxed, and stress will be reduced. 


Placing ourselves in a relaxed posture, without muscular tension, helps us reduce stress and anxiety. Having a good posture relaxes you. 


When the body is under stress, the brain interprets it as waiting for something terrible to happen, and then hormones are secreted that put us in survival mode. 


With a good posture, the tension on some muscles, joints, and bones can be released. And it is that being badly standing, we often force other parts of the body to sustain the stretch that we cause. 


What can we do to have a good posture? 


  • Do physical activity: to keep a correct posture, it is necessary to develop the muscles, so it is recommended to take breaks from exercises if you have a long working day, as well as to stimulate other muscle groups by walking, cycling, or swimming. 


  • Strengthen the muscles of specific areas: abdominals, buttocks, and shoulders are the areas of the body that are least often exercised in our daily activities, and therefore it is essential to strengthen them through localized exercises. 


  • Take care of the weight: Obesity and being overweight quickly become a posture problem. It is essential to know your body, control your weight and maintain a good diet. 


How to achieve a good posture? 


A correct posture is achieved by symmetrically aligning all the body members and the head around the axis of gravity. Curves should not be exaggerated, and the weight should be distributed equally on each leg. 


  • When sitting: the back should be straight, the tail well supported on each thigh, the shoulders back and down, and the soles of the feet flat on the ground. The habit of crossing legs should be avoided, as it can alter circulation. If you work in front of a computer, the idea is to put the screen at eye level to avoid lowering your head. 


  • When standing: the chest up and abdomen are slightly contracted since the abdominal muscles are the ones that help stabilize the body. The knees should also be semi-flexed, making sure that the body's weight is well distributed on both legs. 


  • When walking: keep your head up and your neck erect and avoid looking at the ground, as this can cause severe neck pain. It is recommended not to walk using mobile devices that make us look down and harm us. 


  • When sleeping: the best position to sleep and take care of your health is on your side, with your legs drawn up, as it is the best way to keep your spine in a proper position. Sleeping face down forces us to turn our neck to breathe, which can cause damage to the neck, compress our organs and impair their functioning. 


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