What can Gentle Touch CT do for you?

Our expertly trained and experienced professionals provide individually tailored treatments that focus on your particular preferences, whether it’s MICRO NEEDLING SKIN REJUVENATION, PRP HAIR RESTORATION, SKIN CARE TREATMENTS or PERMANENT HAIR REMOVAL that you’re looking for – you’ve found the perfect place! Gentle Touch will work with you every step of the way to customize your treatments to ensure that you can attain your desired look. Our unique approach, combined with a caring, down-to-earth environment, creates the ideal atmosphere for you to relax and let us help you bring out your youthful glow.

What our clients are saying about us?

  • Only one word comes to mind when I think of Gentle Touch CT and LJ and that word is EXCELLENCE.  Excellence in LJ's knowledge and expertise  of electrolysis and the work she does.  Excellence in the way she cares for and about her patients.  Excellence in the cleanliness of the office and equipment.  Excellence in the way I've seen her conduct her business.  Excellence in the results I've received.  Needless to say, I feel very fortunate to have found Gentle Touch CT and would be happy to recommend LJ to anyone and everyone.  Thanks, M.K.
  • At my initial consultation, I had no idea what I could reasonably expect from electrolysis but LJ was patient, thorough and professional in her explanation of the available methods and of what she recommended in my case. It was clear that she totally knew what she was doing, so I felt comfortable accepting her recommendations. It has just been a few short months and I no longer have any hair on my lip or under my chin. What a lucky find LJ was. Thank you, C.C.
  • From my first appointment here, I knew I was at the right place. LJ is very warm and amiable. She knows what she is doing. She completely understands every stage of the hair growth. She is considerate about the clients and makes sure she schedules you only as required. All you need to do is make it to the appointments without skipping and you can be assured to see the results.  I started with upper lip and chin and after the seeing the great results in just few treatments decided to include the side burns and eyebrows. Amazing results!! No more tweezing for real! Thank you so much LJ for the awesome job! S.T.
  • LJ is fantastic. She's professional, honest, kind, and also incredibly smart. She takes great effort to make sure you understand the procedure and rationale behind it, and whenever possible will lower settings so you're more comfortable. Permanent hair removal won't happen overnight, but if you follow her recommendations it WILL happen. I'm proof! I am ecstatic over the results I've achieved thus far, and am so thankful I trusted LJ. Thanks, A.S.
  • LJ is professional, knowledgeable, efficient and thorough. She is also personable, caring and gentle. I had been to another Electrologist before, but after many treatments I saw no change in the amount of hair on my upper lip. With LJ I noticed a significant difference right away; the frequency of my visits was soon cut down and I am now finished. Thank you so much LJ! Thanks, V.G.
  • LJ is extremely knowledgeable, warm and friendly. She explained the hair removal process, the equipment and exactly what to expect during and after treatment. Her practice is clean and tidy and her equipment is sterile and modern. All this along with her calm disposition immediately put my mind at ease so I was able to relax. Treatments were fast and thorough and I saw amazing results after just one session. LJ was very gentle and was concerned with my well being. She tried various methods to determine what worked best for me and consistently adjusted the equipment settings to allow me to be as comfortable as possible. I had been treated previously at another practice but I was unhappy and did not feel at ease so I discontinued treatments. The surroundings and equipment were out-dated, the treatments were painful and I did not see results after numerous sessions. LJ is a true professional and loves what she does. She turned the treatment of a highly sensitive issue into a very positive experience and I highly recommend her services. Thanks, M.B.
  • LJ loves what she does, and it shows.  Her office is comfortable and is the cleanest I've ever seen.  She takes time to explain everything about the procedure and to answer all of your questions.  She is conscientious about the amount of money her clients are spending and makes treatment recommendations that will get you the most results for your investment.  You may not always like what you hear about how long things will take, but LJ is only going to tell you the truth.  To be completely honest, electrolysis is not a fun experience, but LJ makes it absolutely as good as it can be! Thanks, L.B.
  • Immediately after my first treatment I saw results. Within 3-4 weeks I saw definite improvement. My facial hair grew back thinner, lighter, and the growth process slowed (I had DARK, COARSE FACIAL HAIR). For the first time in years I was able to wear my hair in a ponytail, for the first time I was not wearing my hair down in my face trying to hide my facial hair. My face came alive and my confidence level increased. Thanks, H.M.M.
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